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The difference between microfiber leather and genuine leather

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The difference between microfiber leather and genuine leather

Dermis, also known as natural leather, is woven by many different thickness of Collagen fibers, divided into two layers of granular surface layer and Mesh layer, granular layer woven by very fine collagen fibers, Mesh layer woven by thick collagen fibers woven.


The surface layer of the super-fiber skin is composed of the polyurethane layer which is similar to the grain surface layer of the natural leather, and the bottom layer is composed of the non-woven fabric with super-fiber. Its structure is very similar to the reticular layer of the natural leather, therefore, the structure and properties of microfiber leather are very similar to those of natural leather.

microfiber leather and genuine cowhide are easy to distinguish: The DERMIS has irregular pores, and the more prominent the top, the microfiber leather has no pores; as the leather is natural, the blemish is obvious, and the surface brightness is uneven, the surface of the microfiber skin is regular and flawless, and the brightness and texture are even. Ultra-fine fiber is short for ultra-fine fiber PU synthetic leather, is a non-woven fabric made of ultra-fine fiber short fibers through carding and needling to form a three-dimensional structure network, is the third generation, artificial leather, and then through wet processing, the Pu Resin is impregnated, reduced volume extraction, the ultra-fine fiber leather was made by grinding, dyeing and finishing. 

The addition of ultra-fine fiber in Pu further strengthens the toughness, air permeability and wear resistance, and has excellent wear resistance, cold resistance, air permeability and aging resistance. In foreign countries, due to the influence of Animal Protection Association and the development of Technology, the performance and application of ultra-fine fiber polyurethane synthetic leather exceed that of natural leather.

 Genuine leather is natural leather, there are common, cow leather, pig leather, sheep leather, horse leather, in short, all natural, through processing can become raw materials, its advantages are many, such as heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, good appearance, easy to repair, modeling and so on, different uses and angles, ultra-fine leather and leather have advantages and disadvantages.

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