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microfiber leather

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Women always love bags, for when she takes her favorite bags,everything becomes more beautiful. They can work with high efficiency, play their chores in better mood and even be the best wife and mom. Just as the popular saying says: A adorable bag is everything. Since a wonderful bag play such an



The difference between microfiber leather and genuine leather

Dermis, also known as natural leather, is woven by many different thickness of Collagen fibers, divided into two layers of granular surface layer and Mesh layer, granular layer woven by very fine collagen fibers, Mesh layer woven by thick collagen fibers woven. The surface layer of the super-fiber



What's a microfiber leather?

microfiber synthetic leather is a kind of high-grade artificial leather, full name is super-fine fiber polyurethane synthetic leather, it is very similar to the real leather, because it has wear-resisting, cold-resisting, breathable, aging-resisting, rich color and so on a series of advantages and g



S9--Innovation of Microfiber leather

S9, a great progress in Microfiber material innovation, is a perfect substitute of real leather。Honestly speaking, S9 is the most excellent for the fifth generation of vegan leather.After a long and diligent work, S9 has been put forward to the market, which was greeted rapturously when its first ap

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